The product features long ground length, high ground clearance, stable driving, and good trafficability.

Strong power, high efficiency and energy-saving, and low maintenance cost.
The rated power reaches 105kW, featuring high torque reserve coefficient.
The improved air filter and intake and exhaust system guarantee up to 99% filtration accuracy to effectively prolong the engine life.


The filling of coolant and the replacement of air filter are easily accessible.

The high-performance turbocharged engine with mechanical pump features high power, low fuel consumption, and powerful fuel adaptability. The all-new load-sensing hydraulic system and the over-class high-displacement constant-power pump matches with low pressure loss main valve and large bore pipeline to realize smooth operations and fast response and improve the efficiency by >8.5%.

Wheel Loaders

The 12º vertical swing design of subframe around the pin

Single-turbine torque converter and fixed shaft transmission guarantee extensive power coverage, high drive efficiency, good power match, stable motion, and more powerful operations. The split structure eases repairs and maintenances. Four forward gears and four reverse gears are at choice to ease the control of speed and achieve maximum drive performance.

Motor Graders

The structural parts inherit the excellent quality of Shantui mature products.

The blade of larger angular adjustment range (44°-91°) improves the material control capability and remarkably promotes the operating efficiency of motor grader, especially during the handling of dry material and clay.

Road Rollers

The traction hydraulic system can be used for short-distance towing.

The drive mode adopts hydrostatically driven traveling and (front and rear drums) double drive to achieve stronger gradeability. The speed changeover is electronically controlled to realize easy, simple, and comfortable operations. The two-speed stepless speed regulation guarantees the working at most appropriate speed under diversified working conditions.

Backhoe Loader

Gehl is breaking new ground with its range of versatile, innovative and efficient backhoe loaders

Designed to increase your productivity and profitability, these powerful workhorses have a host of new features aimed at enhancing comfort, reducing driver fatigue and aiding productivity.

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